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Approval Mechanism: Your updates will not appear immediately on Qureshi Family website. Record updates automatically forward to all Power Users for initial review. On reaching required number of feedbacks, records forward to Verification Department for final decision. Verification Department approve/reject records based on Power Users' feedback & huge database of pedigree charts. Records updates will appear on website after approval but in case of rejection, volunteers asked for authentic documented proof of their updates, especially when starting new family tree. This complete process can take up to 6 days in final decision. [Verification Department takes lesser time to authorize updates from Approved volunteers]. Purpose of approval mechanism is to ensure authenticity of website.
In case of any difficulty, feel free to contact at info@qureshifamily.info
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Father of Mother
Mother of Mother
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Name of Mother
Brother of Father
Ameer Ul Hassan Edit
Azhar Ul Hassan Edit
Mazhar Ul Hassan Edit
Zameer Ul Hassan Edit

Sister of Father
Brother of Mother
Falak Sher Edit
Muhammad Afzal Edit

Sister of Mother
Aziz Fatima Edit
Kosar Bibi Edit
Maqbool Fatima Edit
Najma Batool Edit
Sardaraan Bibi Edit
Person Name

Muhammad Hassan Aslam Edit
Muhammad Ikram Aslam Hashmi Edit
Muhammad Irfan Aslam Hashmi Edit
Muhammad Nouman Aslam Edit
Muhammad Usman Aslam Hashmi Edit
Muhammad Zeeshan Aslam Hashmi Edit

Amina Aslam Hashmi Edit
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Makhdoom Saira Fatima Edit
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