Father of Father
Mother of Father
Father of Mother
Mother of Mother
Name of Father
Name of Mother
Brother of Father
Syed Latif Shah Qadri
Syed Maqbool Shah Qadri
Syed Siddique Shah Qadri

Sister of Father
Syeda Iqbal Bibi
Syeda Sikeena Bibi
Brother of Mother
Syed Manzoor Hussain Shah

Sister of Mother
Syeda Hidayat Bibi
Syeda Razia Bibi
Syeda Safia Bibi
Person Name
Syed Abdul Ghafoor Shah Qadri
Syed Abdul Jabbar Shah Qadri

Syeda Perveen Akhter
Syed Arsilan Ahmad Qadri
Syed Qaisar Naveed Qadri

Syeda Maryum Mahboob