Father of Father
Mother of Father
Father of Mother
Mother of Mother
Name of Father
Name of Mother
Brother of Father
Adil Mahmood ul Hassan Qureshi
Hamid Hassan Qureshi
Nasir Hassan Qureshi
Nazir Hassan Qureshi

Sister of Father
Brother of Mother
Noor Nisa
Noor ud Din Qureshi

Sister of Mother
Person Name
Pervez Mahmood Qureshi
Shahid Mahmood Qureshi
Furqan Mahmood Qureshi

Hanifa Nasreen Qureshi
Mahmooda Shaheen Qureshi
Nasira Perveen Qureshi
Nayyar Sultana Qureshi
Rizwan Mahmood Qureshi
Salma Jabeen Qureshi
Tahira Nasreen Qureshi
Zahida Nasreen Qureshi