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Saroosh / Saru
Approximation: (Lived 230 years)
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Paternal Lineage

Father's Side:
Saroosh / Saru Son of Ra,oor / Ra,u [G:1] Son of Fahish / Falikh [G:2] Son of Hazrat Hud (Aadir / Abir) (علیہ السلام) [G:3] Son of Shalikh [G:4] Son of Arqafshaar / Arfakhshad [G:5] Son of Saam [G:6] Son of Hazrat Noah / Nuh (علیہ السلام) [G:7] Son of Lamik [G:8] Son of Matushaalah / Matulsalk / Mutwashlack [G:9] Son of Hazrat Idrees / Enoch (علیہ السلام) [G:10] Son of Yaar / Yarid [G:11] Son of Malhan,ne / Mahla,il [G:12] Son of Kinan / Qainan [G:13] Son of Aanoosh / Anwas / Anusha [G:14] Son of Hazrat Shees / Sheth (علیہ السلام) [G:15] Son of Hazrat Aadam (علیہ السلام) [G:16]

Mother's Side:

Saroosh / Saru Son of Arwah [G:1]
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