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Qureshi Family

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Last Update: 18-Oct-2011 by Muhammad Arshad Qureshi

Paternal Lineage

Mother's Side:

[Login to View] Daughter of Ghulam Fatima [G:1] Daughter of Aziz ur Rahman Qureshi [G:2] Son of Abdur Rahman Qureshi [G:3] Son of Qazi Abdul Hakkam Qureshi [G:4] Son of Qazi Muhammad Jan Qureshi [G:5] Son of Qazi Muhammad Shoaib Qureshi [G:6] Son of Abdul Kaleem Qureshi | Makhzoomi [G:7] Son of Abdur Raheem Qureshi [G:8] Son of Bazaid [G:9] Son of Syed Muhammad [G:10] Son of Taj Muhammad | Makhzoomi [G:11]
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