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Maqbool Hussain Qureshi

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Maqbool Manzil, Mohllah Chir Mar, Bahawalpur, Pakistan.
Rafi us Shan. Iftikhar ul Mulk. Khan Bahadur. Lt. Col Maqbool Hussain Qureshi was the Minister of Law during the times when Bahawalpur was an independent State. He served His Highness Sir Sadiq the 5th the last Emperor of the State. During his tenure as the Minister he rendered tremendous services. Bahawalpur Bench, Punjab High Court was the result of his efforts. During the twilight of his career, he held eleven ministries of Bahawalpur State.
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Paternal Lineage

Father's Side:
Maqbool Hussain Qureshi Son of Kafaiyat Ali Qureshi [G:1]

Mother's Side:

Maqbool Hussain Qureshi Son of Allah Rakhi [G:1] Daughter of Ghulam Hussain [G:2] Son of Khuda Bukhsh [G:3] Son of Muhammad Bukhsh [G:4] Son of Ammanullah [G:5] Son of Muhammad Rafi Qureshi [G:6] Son of Qadir Bukhsh [G:7]
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