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Zain ul Abdeen - - -
Sajjad Hussain -
Father's Siblings
Mother's Sibling
Tree M-ID: 9119 Update
Doctor Zeeshan Sajjad
Last Update: 16-Nov-2018 by Atif Fiaz
Name of Child

Paternal Lineage

Father's Side:
Doctor Zeeshan Sajjad Son of Sajjad Hussain [G:1] Son of Zain ul Abdeen [G:2] Son of Muhammad Bashir [G:3] Son of Noor Alam [G:4] Son of Hayyat Bukhsh [G:5] Son of Ghulam Nabi [G:6] Son of Haji Maqbool Sahib [G:7] Son of Haji Muhammad Muneer Sahib [G:8]

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