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Baha Ud Din Zakariya
Occupation: Sufi Preacher
Multan, Pakistan.
Lifetime: [1170 – 1267] He is Sufi of Suhrawardiyya order. His full name was Al-Sheikh Al-Kabir Sheikh-ul-Islam Baha-ud-Din Abu Muhammad Zakaria Al-Qureshi Al-Asadi Al Hashmi.
Last Update: 21-Apr-2019 by Wajid Ali Shah
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Father's Side:
Baha Ud Din Zakariya Son of Muhammad Ghous / Waji Ud Din [G:1] Son of Kamal ud Din Ali Shah [G:2] Son of Sultan Ali Qudsi / Sultan Jalal ud Din [G:3] Son of Sultan Muhammad Shah [G:4] Son of Sultan Hussain Shah [G:5] Son of Sultan Abdullah Shah / Shamas ud Din [G:6] Son of Sultan Hassan Shah [G:7] Son of Sultan Matarfah Shah [G:8] Son of Sultan Hazeem Shah [G:9] Son of Sultan Khadim Shah [G:10] Son of Ameer Muhammad Taj ud Din Shah [G:11] Son of Ameer Abdul Raheem [G:12] Son of Ameer Abdul Rahman [G:13] Son of Ameer Ayaaz [G:14] Son of Asad [G:15] Son of Hashim / Amr [G:16] Son of Abdul Munaaf / Al-Mugheera [G:17] Son of Qusayy / Qasi / Zaid [G:18] Son of Kilaab / Hakim [G:19] Son of Murrah [G:20] Son of Kaa,ab [G:21] Son of Luwayyi / Loyee [G:22] Son of Ghalib [G:23] Son of Fahr / Quraish [G:24] Son of Malik [G:25] Son of An-Nadr / Qais [G:26] Son of Kinanah [G:27] Son of Khuzaimah [G:28] Son of Mudriqa [G:29] Son of Ilyas / Ayas [G:30] Son of Mudar [G:31] Son of Nazaar / Nizar [G:32] Son of Mu,aad [G:33] Son of Adnan [G:34] Son of Awad Son of Hamaisa Son of Salman Son of Aooas / Aws Son of Baoos / Bus Son of Qamwal Son of Udaie / Obai Son of Awam Son of Nashit Son of Hizza Son of Baldaas Son of Yadlaaf Son of Tabikh Son of Jhaim Son of Nahish Son of Maakhi Son of Aazi / Aid Son of Akbar / Abqar Son of Aba,e / Ubaid Son of Abdua Son of Hamdan Son of Samber / Sanbir Son of Yasrawi / Yathrabi Son of Yahzan Son of Yalhann Son of Irawaa / Ar,awi Son of Azi / Aid Son of Zeeshan / Deshan Son of Israr / Aisar Son of Aqnaad / Afnad Son of Ehaam / Aiham Son of Muqassar / Muksar Son of Nahib / Nahith Son of Zarah Son of Sami Son of Mazi / Wazzi Son of Iwass / Awda Son of Iraam / Aram Son of Qitaar / Haidir Son of Hazrat Ismael (علیہ السلام) Son of Hazrat Ibraheem (علیہ السلام) Son of Azar / Tarih Son of Nahoor Son of Saroosh / Saru Son of Ra,oor / Ra,u Son of Fahish / Falikh Son of Hazrat Hud (Aadir / Abir) (علیہ السلام) Son of Shalikh Son of Arqafshaar / Arfakhshad Son of Saam Son of Hazrat Noah / Nuh (علیہ السلام) Son of Lamik Son of Matushaalah / Matulsalk / Mutwashlack Son of Hazrat Idrees / Enoch (علیہ السلام) Son of Yaar / Yarid Son of Malhan,ne / Mahla,il Son of Kinan / Qainan Son of Aanoosh / Anwas / Anusha Son of Hazrat Shees / Sheth (علیہ السلام) Son of Hazrat Aadam (علیہ السلام)

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